Looking for a comprehensive marketing solution for your wedding business?  Wishing you had someone to manage your social media and marketing efforts full-time?  Now you can enjoy all the benefits of adding a marketing professional to your team without the expense of an added salary and benefits!

 Tailor-made marketing strategies

Tara recognizes that not all vendors need full-time representation, which is why in addition to individual marketing and design services, we offer customized marketing and public relations packages, each with a variety of built-in services.  Whether you just want help setting up your social networking accounts, determining your social media strategy, or managing all of your integrated social media marketing efforts, we can help!

Take advantage of our marketing expertise.  Our dedicated team of creative professionals offers you the following services: 

Online services: 

  • Social media set-up and maintenance
  • Blogging and content marketing
  • Keyword research

PR services: 

Branding services: 

  • Marketing strategy development
  • Branding and positioning
  • Graphic design and content creation


Contact us  today to customize just the right amount of marketing assistance.