Did you know that the Berkshires has also been called the "Inland Newport?"  Hugely wealthy, influential people from more than a century ago--think Vanderbilts, Morgans, Edith Wharton and many more--built enormous estates in the Berkshires that now double as wedding venues in Lenox and Stockbridge MA.  If the walls could only talk, I'm certain we'd hear grand tales of big-industry entrepreneurs hosting grand events.  Or forbidden love stories of when their privileged sons and daughters fell madly in love with the commoners about town!  There were many times that Presidential-hopefuls and heads-of-state were entertained in these homes.  And in the years since, the Berkshires has been home to thousands of bespoke weddings.  Our unique estates--especially in Lenox MA--are the perfect wedding venues for your own luxury wedding!  Whether you live locally and want to continue deepening your roots in your hometown or you're from someplace far away planning a destination wedding in the Berkshires, we have a vast selection of wedding venues to choose from!

In search of the perfect mansion wedding venue or estate wedding venue?  Be sure to click on each link, below, to see some of our favorite elegant and historic wedding venues!

Wheatleigh, Lenox MA

Blantyre, Lenox MA

Cranwell Spa and Golf Club, Lenox MA

The Lenox Club, Lenox MA

The Mount, Lenox MA

Elm Court Estate, Lenox MA

Kemble Inn, Lenox MA

Ventfort Hall, Lenox MA

Naumkeag, Stockbridge MA

Chesterwood, Stockbridge MA