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Getting Married in the Berkshires

In this post, we give you the answers to one of our most popular questions, "How do we get our marriage license in MA?"

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Top 10 Wedding Venues in the Berkshires

Ah...the Berkshires.  A cultural retreat, nestled in beautiful rolling hills, beloved by young and old alike.  That is, if you've been here!  Those who visit our neck of the woods, tend to love it and want to come back often.  And those who have simply heard about us are usually the phone calls I get asking me to help them find a wedding venue in the Berkshires!  Now, I'm not sure if they think there are only two or three to choose from or what...but choosing the perfect wedding venue is something I take pretty seriously, so I begin by asking them a series of questions:

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A Glamorous Wedding at Wheatleigh in the Berkshires

I am so excited to share Alexandra and Jeremy's Wheatleigh wedding with you guys today!  This over-the-top gorgeous...was the perfect way to kick off my busy wedding season.  And in a way, I wish it could have been my last wedding of the season as well...I just hated saying goodbye to this newly-blended family!

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