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Top 10 Wedding Venues in the Berkshires

Ah...the Berkshires.  A cultural retreat, nestled in beautiful rolling hills, beloved by young and old alike.  That is, if you've been here!  Those who visit our neck of the woods, tend to love it and want to come back often.  And those who have simply heard about us are usually the phone calls I get asking me to help them find a wedding venue in the Berkshires!  Now, I'm not sure if they think there are only two or three to choose from or what...but choosing the perfect wedding venue is something I take pretty seriously, so I begin by asking them a series of questions:

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A Wedding Weekend at Wheatleigh

The weekend began on Friday, with all of the NYC guests partying late into the evening, and then catching the private shuttle to the Berkshires as one big group!  By the time Saturday evening's welcome dinner and Kristin Chenoweth concert at Tanglewood ended, most of us would have called it a day.  But this group just kept ticking, like the famed Energizer Bunny!  Sunday morning, the day of the wedding, began with the beauty team coming in to pamper the bride, her sweet mom (seriously...I wanted to bring her home with me!) and sister, while the guys took off to Stockbridge to have a full-on basketball tournament (complete with custom jerseys and all)!

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