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A May Wedding at Camp Lenox in the Berkshires

Many of the weddings that I do in the Berkshires are Jewish weddings; however, Brenne and Eli's wedding taught me more about a traditional Jewish wedding than I ever could have imagined (in fact, I even had "Jewish Wedding 101" classes with Eli's mom, Adina)!  It isn't only about having a Chuppah or a Ketubah signing (although those are certainly parts of it), but it's also about the amazing events leading up to the ceremony--the very special Tish and Bedeken.  It's about gathering your friends and family for Shabbat and Davening services, about the true meaning behind the Yichud (whoa!) and the boisterous Shomrim (wait, what?!), the breaking of the (Challah) bread and the ties that bind.  It's about family. And love.  And true commitment.

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