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9 Wedding Barns in the Berkshires

Whether we're in the Berkshires, Virginia, California or Texas, the barn wedding trend is one that's going to be here for awhile.  And personally, I think that's fantastic!  Because getting married at a barn venue doesn't necessarily mean mason jars and burlap (although sometimes those elements are perfect).  Some of the most elegant affairs I've ever seen have taken place in a barn.

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A Fall Wedding at Jacob's Pillow

I vividly remember the day that Emily reached out to me about planning her wedding.  My family was on a quickie summer vacation (since summers are our busy season, we can usually only get away for a couple of days at a time), and I was sitting by the pool when my phone rang.  (And now that I think about it, I shouldn't have even had my phone with me, so I guess it was fate!)  Emily explained that she had hired another wedding planner, had paid the deposit and never heard back from the planner again!  She explained that her wedding was only three months away, that nothing had really been done, and that she had seen some of my work in Well Wed Magazine.

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