Thoughts About Wedding Videos from a Hopeless Romantic

A few months ago, we shared with you Brenne and Eli's wedding at Camp Lenox.  And the beautiful images made by Rodeo and Co. created quite a stir!  But even as much as we loved (and still love!) looking through those photos, it's their wedding video by Latimer Studios that brings it all back--even with our eyes closed.

When I speak with my clients about their top three priorities (for their wedding day), I am often surprised that a wedding video just isn't important to them.  Or they'll say something like, "well, if we have enough money left in the budget, maybe we'll consider it."  And, growing up in a photography family, I get it.  Photos come first.

But what I like to tell them is that while their wedding photos will truly be irreplaceable, a video captures the most subtle things that are increasingly important as the years go by.  Loved ones who pass years later can still be heard when you watch your film.  Their voices and their mannerisms are captured here like nowhere else.  The special music you chose, the words of your rabbi/officiant/friends, the song your new spouse sang, even the way you caught each other's eyes during your first dance...these are all things that are best captured in the emotion of a professional film.

So for this weekend, I'll leave you with the video I often now share with my couples who consider this investment their lowest priority.  It is truly a game-changer.  And grab the tissues...we dare you not to tear up a bit!