Golden Damask Wedding Inspiration at Blantyre in the Berkshires

Working in the wedding industry, we are constantly surrounded by beautiful imagery.  On an hourly basis, our inboxes and social media feeds are bombarded with gorgeous photos of flowers, tablescapes, wedding gowns...  Now don't get me wrong.  This is a pretty spectacular position to be in!  But we tend to become jaded, and things that may have at one time blown our socks off now elicit a rather mundane reaction.  

So when something comes along that makes my heart beat a little faster, I know it's something truly special.  And this was the case when I stumbled upon Kelly Faetanini's Gwendolyn wedding gown.  Instantly, I was smitten with the gold lace sensation, and I knew I needed to get my hands on it (no small feat, by the way...this gown was in high demand)!

Many times, during our offseason, event designers will orchestrate a photo shoot...partly because we want to draw attention to something amazing and partly because, as creatives, we NEED to express our creativity before we burst (like when you have a secret to tell, or a pot of water is about to boil over...)!  Seeing this dress suddenly gave me the vision for a styled shoot at Blantyre.  And yes...even just a single piece of inspiration can lead to five other must-haves, just like when one puzzle piece suddenly makes the rest make sense.  Immediately, I called my friends Rebecca and Syed and said, "We HAVE to do this!" and it all started to fall into place.

After making a few trips to the Blantyre estate to get a good look at their existing inventory (notice how parts of Kanupriya Kesari's cake replicate Blantyre's china, etc.), we made some calls and assembled our dream team--models, hair and makeup, floral design, luxe stationery and magnificent jewels--chose a date and got to work (for full team list, please scroll to the bottom).  Working with the amazing Syed Yaqeen (who traveled in from Philadelphia for us, just before taking off for a job in Morocco!) was a dream come true.  The photos he captured are pure art.  And the sexy, romantic video from Christopher Duggan Wedding Films is more like a movie trailer than a makes us want more!  I hope you enjoy the outcome of this collaboration, recently published on Grace Ormonde's Wedding Style Magazine...all the more timely as Blantyre is virtually exploding onto the wedding scene.  Enjoy!


Venue: Blantyre, Relais and Chateaux Property, Lenox MA

Event Planning and Design: Tara Consolati Events

Shoot Stylist: Rebecca Woodman-Taylor

Photographer: Syed Yaqueen

Cinematographer: Christopher Duggan Wedding Films

Floral Designer: Carolyn Valenti Flowers

Makeup: Liz Washer of Bridal by Liz

Hair: Jenursa Mikaluna

Invitations: Christa Alexandra Designs

Jewelry: McTeigue & McClelland, Great Barrington MA

Wedding Gown: Kelly Faetanini

Menswear: Valentino Tailors, Hamden CT

Models: Liane Boyko and Alex Winter

Wedding Cake: Kanupriya Kesari Cakes

Ring Box: The Mrs. Box