The Lazy Bride's Way to be a Gracious Host

Today I want to tell you about a new service that we're providing for our clients.  A service that will benefit our brides (and their moms!) both directly and indirectly.  A service that (as far as I know) no other wedding planning company least none in the Berkshires...and one that will leave your wedding guests feeling so taken care of that they'll be talking about your wedding for years to come!

I am over-the-moon excited to announce that Tara Consolati Events is now providing Guest Concierge Services!

What exactly is this, you might ask?  Well to answer that question, let's first think about our own experiences as wedding guests...especially when attending a destination wedding.  If one of your friends or family members is getting married a few hours (or more!) away from your home, chances are you're going to head over on Friday afternoon, check into your hotel and either attend the rehearsal/welcome dinner (if invited) or just relax around town and enjoy your down-time before the festivities begin.  But what if you're not familiar with that area??

I know, from personal experience, that I usually like to get my hair blown-out before a wedding, and if I haven't had the chance to visit my hometown nail salon before leaving town, I'll probably want at least a quick manicure.  I'll likely do a quick Google search for "hair salons near me," and hope for the best...but what would be SO much better would be if I had already been given a list of the best-rated salons in the area!

Many times, guests traveling in from out-of-town want to make a mini-vacation out of it.  And if the wedding we're attending is in a place like the Berkshires, we'll have already heard that there are a million things to do--from museums to theater, outdoor adventures to distillery tours!  And food?  Well, forget about it...the Berkshires is becoming quite well known for its farm-to-table dining out is one thing we'll definitely want to cross off our weekend bucket list!

But all too often, the guests either never get around to doing the research on this new location (who has the time??).  Or worse yet...the bride, groom or mother-of-the-bride are inundated with emails and phone calls asking what their best options are when they arrive in town.  And trust planning is overwhelming when it's something you've never done before.  And the final weeks leading up to the event are without a doubt the most stressful...this is NOT the time to have 250 of your closest friends and family members asking where they can get a good manicure!

This is why, at Tara Consolati Events, we've decided to provide a concierge service that both lifts the weight off of our clients' shoulders AND allows their guests to truly feel pampered.  Want to be a gracious host?  (Who doesn't?!)  Be sure to consider your guests' needs--beyond the branded water bottles, local goodies and insect repellent you've placed in their welcome bags!

Weeks before the wedding--and also in their hotel rooms--out-of-town guests will receive a digital brochure that highlights our new concierge service.  They will be given a private email address and a toll-free number with direct extension for our guest concierge.  All inquiries--from tee times to tea times--will be answered within 24 hours, and your guests will be able to arrive in town already knowing what their itinerary entails.

Guests WANT to be given some direction!  They WANT to know what's on the agenda!  And with our new guest concierge services, they'll be able to be more in control of the activities they choose during their wedding weekend down-time!

We think this is such an exciting new addition to our service line-up, and we're already getting rave reviews!  But we also want to hear from you...are you as tickled as we are about providing this service for your guests?  We sure hope so! :)