A Wedding Weekend at Wheatleigh

It should come as no surprise by now, that I am in love with the Berkshires.  And when it comes to weddings in the Berkshires, I'm just downright smitten.  So when I get a call from Wheatleigh that one of their brides is searching for a wedding planner, I'm like the pauper girl who just got asked to the palace ball! LOL

This was the case when I received the call about this late-summer wedding that I produced in September.  The couple is a jet-setting duo who met in college and started their own (now wildly-successful) company, and this Berkshires wedding would be the "Part Two" to their story, as this was merely the East Coast version!  The stunning bride, of Indian descent, chose a West Coast location for her Indian wedding, and the Berkshires would be the setting for their Jewish ceremony, in keeping with the equally-stunning groom's heritage.  (In fact, his father was the Rabbi!)

Now, because the bride and groom are such private people, and their guests were the kind flying in on their private jets, anonymity was a must.  So you'll notice that in the images below, there are really no faces.  But that's okay.  Because I think the photographs speak for themselves.  The details were gorgeous and bright...partly in keeping with the vivid decor that is native to an Indian affair, but also inspired by the Dutch Masters, to incorporate a rich history and traditional beauty.

The weekend began on Friday, with all of the NYC guests partying late into the evening, and then catching the private shuttle to the Berkshires as one big group!  By the time Saturday evening's welcome dinner and Kristin Chenoweth concert at Tanglewood ended, most of us would have called it a day.  But this group just kept ticking, like the famed Energizer Bunny!  Sunday morning, the day of the wedding, began with the beauty team coming in to pamper the bride, her sweet mom (seriously...I wanted to bring her home with me!) and sister, while the guys took off to Stockbridge to have a full-on basketball tournament (complete with custom jerseys and all)!

In the early part of the evening, a gorgeous ceremony took place, followed by cocktail hour, a six-course dinner and dancing until 1:00 am...and then the after-party took place at Wheatleigh's tucked-away pool.  As if all of this activity wasn't enough, the guests remained through Monday for a Labor Day brunch-to-picnic followed by an outdoor movie night that evening!  I do believe, that if I were one of these guests, I would have had to take the next week off just to catch up on my zzz's!  (Actually, I think I did do that!)

Take a look at these beautiful images, captured by NYC photographer Tatiana Breslow.  And for a complete vendor list, scroll to the bottom of this post!


Photographer: Tatiana Breslow

Welcome Dinner Venue: Tanglewood

Welcome Dinner Caterer: Gourmet Caterers

Floral Design and Props: Flowers by Semia

Lighting: Rob Alberti Event Services

Rentals: Classical Tents and Party Goods

Wedding Venue: Wheatleigh

Event Management: Tara Consolati, Creative

Entertainment: Atomic Funk Project