A Bohemian Chic Wedding Event in the Berkshires

Have you ever noticed how so many of our literature and theatre greats highlight how opposites attract?  It's as though people--artists, especially--have historically been drawn to two things that just don't make sense together.  Beauty and the Beast.  The Prince and The Pauper.  War and Peace.  I'm not sure if it has anything to do with being a "creative" {or one who thinks outside the box}, but I, too, find myself fascinated with pairing two things that just don't quite add up.

This sort of quirky juxtaposition is the very thing that inspired this Bohemian Chic wedding event this past spring.  As with many inspiration shoots, this was a time when I could pair a formal Pronovias wedding gown with a casual groom in blue jeans.  It was an occasion where I could place a gorgeous couple in a trendy new setting.  And it was a perfect way to bring attention to a formerly abandoned French Catholic cathedral that was undergoing extensive renovations.  Basically, this shoot was my perfect cup of tea!

In the spirit of trying to put a different spin on things, I decided that I also wanted to make this shoot appear as if it was a real {intimate} wedding, and planned my spring Berkshire Wedding Collective networking event for the same evening and location as the photo shoot.  I asked my members to come dressed as if they were going to an afternoon wedding, and used them as the "extras" in the pews.  Now if you're like me, you don't love going to networking events, so I thought this request would not only give me the wedding guest look I was going for, but it would also act as a fun icebreaker for members as they got to know each other better!  {You may also notice a cameo appearance by local fave-turned-preacher?, Brian Butterworth!  I know his daughter had fun snapping some pics of our stand-in man-of-the-cloth!}

Assembling a group of industry professionals isn't always the easiest things to do, so I was thrilled that when I reached out to my "dream team," every one of them was available on this date (with a little schedule finagling).  It's always a pleasure to work with Tricia McCormack and Carolyn Valenti, but one of the creatives I've always wanted to work with seemed to never have the space in her crazy-busy schedule, so I was ecstatic when Liz Washer was available to work her make-up magic on our already gorgeous model.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed putting this shoot together.  How do you feel about pairing things that don't quite match?  {And one day I'll have to do a post about times when this technique DOESN'T work, and generally leaves your guests feeling a little miffed!}


Venue #1: Hotel on North

Venue #2: Shire City Sanctuary

Photographer: Tricia McCormack Photography

Floral Design: Carolyn Valenti Flowers

Makeup: Liz Washer Makeup

Wedding Gown: Pronovias  (Provided by Angela's Bridal)

Beaded Wedding Cake Purse: Mary Frances Handbags (Provided by Heirlooms Jewelry)