Three Steps to New Year's Eve with Tweens

As a mother to two tween daughters and a wife to a man who doesn't like crowds, I often find myself searching for ways to satisfy my not-so-inner desires to throw a fabulous party that suits everyone's tastes--especially on New Year's Eve.  Luckily, we're fortunate enough to live on an awesome country road with neighbors we love, who all have children around the same ages as ours and just happen to be some of our best friends!

This year, it seems like all of our kids have suddenly turned into little adults!  And since they no longer seem interested in playing in the kids' room on New Year's Eve, I've been trying to think of ways to still have a beautiful party, while incorporating elements that our now-interested children will appreciate.

So in this post, I'll show you how to host a great party in three easy steps:

  1. Festive drinks for everyone
  2. Great decor throughout
  3. Activities that grown-ups and tweens can both enjoy!

For whatever reason, food has never been an issue with our group.  Most of us either love to cook, or know the number of a great caterer, so we usually go all out with more than we could ever possibly eat.  But that's always a good thing in my book!

But what are some of the other elements of a great NYE party?  Drinks?  Of course.  Decor?  Definitely (well, it's important to me, anyway!).  And now...activities that keep everyone entertained for the HOURS before the ball drops!  So I've assembled some images I found (yes, of course they're from Pinterest!) that I'm going to try out this year.  I'm hoping everyone goes home (at 12:05 am) having had a wonderful time...and that I don't hear any of the kids complaining that they're bored even once!

First of all (in my book)...DECOR!  No great party was ever had without someone first setting the stage!  For me, on NYE, this isn't that hard to do.  I'm all about gold, all about glitter, and I just happen to have my very own clock collection (that I thought was a great idea until Daylight Savings Time).

Throw in some balloons, hanging paper stars and some glitterized paper lanterns, and you're good to go!  

No New Year's Eve party is complete without some great, festive drinks.  And these days, handing out juice boxes to the kids just isn't going to cut it!  Why not let them have some beautiful, grown-up drinks that they can get excited about...without the alcohol, of course?!

Everyone likes a little bubbly.  And something as simple as glitterizing your bottles can go a long way.  Personally, we probably won't be doing the pink ombré effect, but I might incorporate some lavender glitter for the bottles of sparkling grape juice and keeping the all-gold look for the grown-up's version.

Then I'll carry the lavender look through by adding purple rock candy sticks to their "champagne" glasses, and leave the plain white candy for the adults.  Still a really pretty effect, and it makes the kids feel a little more recognized!

As far as activities go, the adults can pretty much entertain themselves.  I mean, give my husband a Coors Light, and he's good to go!  But if you don't want to keep hearing "what can we do?", or "I'm bored", then you'd better come up with some fun games.  And I thought these Minute-to-Win-It looked like a whole lot of fun....I'd probably even go hang with the kids for these!

This fun straw/clock/MnM's game, from, looks like a GREAT idea!  And who doesn't have a bunch of holiday MnM's in their candy dispenser??  (We're kind-of MnM connoisseurs.)

And this cups game, from, could keep anyone entertained when you're racing against your friends!  The objective is to get the one different-colored Solo cup back to the top of the stack before the rest of your opponents.  I don't know about you, but I can just imagine Solo cups flying everywhere!

Lastly, throw in some sparkly desserts, a DIY photo booth, and some midnight kisses for those too young to kiss and I think you'll have a fun party for everyone on the block!  So tell me...what are your plans for this NYE?  Are you going out for a night on the town?  Or chilling at home with your family and friends?