No Magic Bullet

With marketing, there really is no magic bullet.  Marketing professionals study the trends, know the best ways to engage in social media, understand the importance of using keywords and finding their target audience; but there is NO way to guarantee that your words (or ads, calls to action, etc.) are going to "stick."  

This can be REALLY frustrating at times, as we--I--really want to provide the BEST service--and RESULTS!--to our clients, but just as that old tale of the tortoise and the hare goes, slow and steady wins the race.  We just keep doing what we know is right (with a few crazy, fun ideas thrown in from time to time!), and plug along promoting our clients. 

Now the fun part comes when you can actually see the fruits of your labor...and that has happened several times over this past week!  I've received word that several of my clients are going to be featured (or mentioned) in three of our top industry blogs/publications!  They have all earned their "as seen in" badges for Style Me Pretty, The Knot and Well Wed Magazine!   (I'll even be featured in Well I guess I can add that badge to my site now, too! YAY!)

What a great momentum we have going (not to mention TONS of new angles for press releases...haha)!  Keep your eyes peeled...I'm pretty sure there are GREAT things ahead!